How to Add Mirrors in Your Home

A mirror can be your secret weapon while designing your interior. In addition to being a practical object to check your face and attire, a pretty mirror can be used to add drama, create interesting reflection, and amplify light.

Below we have mentioned some tips to hang mirrors so they can look great in your home interior. Use these techniques to get the most out of your next mirror purchase. 

Mirrors to improve light

The correct placement of a mirror in any room allows you to optimize natural light perfectly. And to do so, place your mirror adjacent to a window to catch the angle of light and reflect it throughout the room.

Create texture

There are two ways to create texture with mirrors; first, just install a textured mirror frame that incorporates a 3-dimensional level to your wall. The second way to add textures through mirrors is by strategically positioning the mirror that reflects a textured object already present in the room – a vase, wooden coffee table, or fur throw.

Create a focal point with mirrors

You can create a great focal point with your mirror by placing it above a buffet table and mantel. Now hang sconces on either side to complete the look of this flawless focal point. If you want something grand, create a wall entirely covered with different styles of mirrors, including mirrored clocks; the composition will look terrific!