'Sand & Gold' Framed Canvas

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"Nude sands adorned with golden dreams underfoot."

In the timeless canvas of "Sand and Gold," nature's humblest grains take on an opulent transformation. The sands, a delicate nude hue, stretch like an endless desert expanse, inviting contemplation. But look closer, and you'll find treasures embedded within – particles of gold, glinting like forgotten dreams scattered by the wind, weaving tales of hidden opulence.

Product Details

  • Arrives with hooks, stretched on wooden frame & ready-to-hang!

  • Handmade in Canada

    • All our canvases are made by hand in Canada. They go through a quality-assured process before shipping out.

    • Eco-friendly & High Resolution

    • Vibrant, Damage Resistant Canvas

    • Durable Frames

      • Easy-to-Hang

      • Fast Shipping

        • 2-5 business days within Ontario, Canada

        • Guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition or exchange or full refund.

      • Exclusive product, not available in stores.


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